My DIY facial

Autumn is a time when my skin traditionally plays havoc; I found myself the other day buying loads of stuff to take care of it (is there anything better than dropping a load of money in Boots on payday?!) Anyway, a weekly facial has become part of my routine.

Step 1Nip+Fab Deep Cleansing Fix (£7.99 for 300ml)

nip+fab deep cleansing fix - Google Search

Image: Nip+Fab

I picked this up when it was half price; I’d read Charlotte Tilbury saying somewhere that using an expensive facial balm with a Clarisonic was a good way of giving yourself a facial. I did a cheaper version with this and I sometimes use my Magnitone Pulsar, sometimes I use a good old fashioned hot flannel (depending how lazy I’m feeling!) As for the product itself, it does cleanse my skin well and leaves it feeling soft. I don’t rate the smell though, as it’s a bit clinical and medicinal smelling. However, it’s a good price for a huge tub- swings and roundabouts.

Step 2Superdrug Witch hazel mud mask (£2.59)

Superdrug Witch hazel mud mask

Image: Superdrug

This is my current face mask, but I’m not sure I’ll keep using it- it does sometimes make my skin go a bit red and feel slightly sunburnt for a few minutes after I’ve washed it off. However, this doesn’t last long and appears to have no lasting affect and my skin has been needing a bit of deep cleansing. Once this runs out I will buy another from the Superdrug range, as I think it’s a really good price and Superdrug products are usually brilliant.

Step 3L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Extraordinary Facial Oil (£19.99 for 30ml)

l'oreal age perfect oil - Google Search

Image: L’Oreal

I first tried this when I got a sample in a magazine and I loved it. Oil is so important to the balancing of my skin, especially in the colder weather, which can cause my eczema to flare up. When I saw this on offer in Boots recently, I decided to purchase it. When I got it home, I looked at the box and discovered I’m probably ten years’ younger than the intended target market, but I don’t care. It smells divine, my face feels like it would sigh with relief (if it could) when it’s applied.  I will definitely repurchase this at full price.

Step 4- Botanics Ultra Calm Skin Relief Serum (£7.99 for 30ml)

botanics ultra calm skin relief serum - Google Search

Image: Boots

This is a recent repurchase and one that I swear by for sore, autumn- and winter-lashed skin. It’s not the thickest serum I’ve ever tried, but it works just as well on my skin as much more expensive serums that I’ve tried. This doesn’t sting or make my face feel tight and I’ll stick to using it as long as Boots keep making it!

Step 5- Therapi No.3 Honey Moisturiser* (£30 for 50ml)


Image: Therapi

I love a good, thick moisturiser for night time and this is a very, very good one. Unfortunately, I’m running out, but I intend to use every last drop! The honey and rose otto work very well as skin soothers and my face feels soft, smooth and lovely the next morning. I can really tell the difference when I’ve used it the night before.


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