Zombies, Run! 5k: Week 2


Image: New Scientist

Image: New Scientist

Week 2 was pretty much the same as week 1, although with added heel-lifts. I didn’t feel TOO daft doing those in public (week 3 is all about knee-lifts and stretches.) I’ve found that the slightly cooler weather is better for my running and I’m undecided if I prefer running in the morning and energising for the rest of the day or running in the early evening and de-stressing. What I HAVE discovered is that I find running round the local park a bit boring and I’m preferring to plan interesting runs around where I live. I know. What HAVE I become?

The story is starting to get interesting: things are apparently going missing from the township. Also, I am becoming more and more convinced in my head that Dr Myers sounds like Nicky from OITNB and that is actually helping me too.

Am I feeling fitter? A bit. Although I do sometimes feel heavier than others and I’m keeping an eye on my knee. It would be mortifying to get runner’s knee again so soon.

Week 2:

Total distance: 9.89km

Total time: 1:45:58


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