Ah, moving

I hate moving. A couple of years ago, I wrote about my life-long hatred of moving and after the palaver of the last few months (seriously, ten months to buy a house. Seriously), I’m not sure I ever want to do it AGAIN. EVER.

However, there are some good bits about moving… yesterday my friend Charlotte and I (and her delightful hearing dog, Scout) went into the wilds of rural Sussex to sell a load of tat in a car boot sale. I’m seeing the selling of stuff as an activity with two benefits: 1) getting rid of stuff I’ve probably held onto for far too long and b) the money I make is going towards D’s new bedroom. I’m planning to live vicariously through my son- he’s getting a pirate themed room.

Image: Next

Image: Next

Although this is a bit TOO full on, I’m planning on taking certain elements of this. He loves pirates (his grandparents have just taught him to say ‘shiver me timbers’) and I figure that pirates have a greater lifespan than, say, a certain blue engine whose merchandise we appear to have acquired at an alarmingly fast rate of late.

The other thing I’m planning is the garden. Now, I haven’t seen this garden since November, so I can’t get into too much forward planning. I do know that after the success of this year’s tomatoes, I want to grow more vegetables and some fruits, but maybe not this scary variety of onion that looks like it was plucked fresh from a serial killer’s garden:

Onion (Salad) North Holland Blood Red Redmate

Image: Suttons

There is actually a perfectly good reason why I’m plunging myself into planning for the new house: denial. I don’t want to pack and I don’t want to unpack. Basically, I want the entire contents of my house to be transported- teleported, in fact- to the new house. Does anyone know if the TARDIS is available for house moves?


6 thoughts on “Ah, moving

  1. Katie (@teaandcaketime) says:

    Pirate bedrooms are definitely more timeless than Thomas ones. I’d still be happy with one now, to be honest. I think I’m a bit weird because I quite like moving- especially the de-cluttering part! I hope your move is over ASAP so you can start planting things in your new garden 🙂 xxx

  2. Sunae says:

    The word “moving” is enough for bile to rise in my throat. My fifth move in less than two years is taking place in two weeks and I desperately need to start decluttering/packing. I am such a hoarder of vintage, books and fabric that I am dreading packing my spare room! Today I was going to work through my book shelves and take all the crap/will never read again books to the secondhand bookshop to trade for different ones, but instead I bought four new books off book depository and had an anxiety attack when I attempted to remove earlier mentioned crap books from the shelves. “What if I do want to read them again?” Unlikely, but they’re still on the shelf for now!

  3. Erika says:

    Oddly enough, I like moving! So much that I’m always asked to help my friends packing 🙂 Our first home we bought on the first visit but our third took me 6 months to find and 3 months to remodel!

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