Zombies, Run! 5K: Week 1 thoughts


Image: New Scientist

Image: New Scientist

I’ve completed week 1 of Zombies, Run! 5k training app and I thought I’d let you know how it’s going… In the first week, I’ve managed over 10k of running and walking (and that’s not including my regular walks) and I’m really enjoying the programme so far.

The premise is that you’re trying to survive a zombie apocalypse and training to become a runner for a human settlement. The training programme starts out like most others- a certain amount of walking followed by a short burst of running- but the audio is designed to immerse you in the ZR! universe. Another bonus is that I have my own music.

This week, the programme has been ten minutes walking, followed by ten drills of one minute walking and fifteen seconds running. This is then followed by a ten minute ‘free form run’, where I can decide how much running and walking I do. When I’ve finished, the app registers all my information on the Zombielink part of the ZR! website. As the app uses GPS, I can see how far I’ve travelled and where exactly I went- which has the added benefit of making me a bit more adventurous when choosing my routes! It also tracks the songs you ran to and how your speed was affected by those songs, which is really interesting and helps me plan playlists.

I’m finding that this is MUCH more enjoyable than the couch to 5k programme I tried before and I’m more willing to undertake training in order to find out what happens next… I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

Week 1:

Total distance: 11.67km

Total time: 2:01:42


One thought on “Zombies, Run! 5K: Week 1 thoughts

  1. Katie (@teaandcaketime) says:

    I’ve heard of this before but never looked at the details- it sounds awesome! Although I would be afraid that I’d get too immersed in it and end up screaming as I was running/trying to force fellow pedestrians to run with me “THE ZOMBIES ARE COMING!!!”. Good luck with the rest of the programme 🙂 xxx

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