A/W 2014: My picks from Joe Browns

Ah, the September issue, the biggest edition of fashion magazines. Stuffed with extortionately priced clothes that you’d be too scared to wear in case you got covered in cat hair (or is that just me?) Anyway, I was offered a sneaky peek at Joe Browns’ autumn/winter collection and decided to think like Anna Wintour, minus the sharp bob. I thought I’d show you some of my favourites- you may well see a theme.

For me, autumn and winter is all about COATS, DRESSES, TIGHTS and CARDIS and these fit the bill nicely; I’ve picked items I would genuinely wear and that I think are flattering to most shapes.

1. Longline Sovereignty Jacket (£69.95)



Everybody needs a good jacket to see them through the cooler days and I love the tweedy take on an autumn jacket. It’s also cut in a super-flattering shape.

2. Coming Up Roses Tunic (£29.95)


I recently bought myself some secondhand, quite macho looking Doc Marten boots and I think I want the rest of my wardrobe to be girly in order to make an interesting balance. Red and black are two of my favourite colours for clothes and I think this would look awesome when paired with super thick black tights, the DMs and a long black cardi.

3. Crown Jewel Crinkle Tunic (£34.95)



This is typical Joe Browns; richly coloured and interestingly textured. I think this would be gorgeous as the days get shorter and the weather gets bleaker- cosy and pretty.

4. Showstopping Shangri-La dress (£39.95)


This is super bright for my usual autumn wardrobe, but I LOVE it. It’s fun and flattering and I would very much like to own this dress!

5. Himalayan Panel Dress (£39.95)


I like this- it’s interesting and it looks warm as well as unusual! The knitted bits obviously get a thumbs up from me (as a knitter!) and I think this would look good with a cute cardi and some simple accessories.


Joe Browns new collection is launched today- anything take your fancy?

(I haven’t been paid for this post- I just like the clothes!)



2 thoughts on “A/W 2014: My picks from Joe Browns

  1. Klina says:

    I made the mistake of going to that website. I love most of the coats on it. Especially the Sensational Showstopper coat. I think this is the year I need to get serious about sewing…

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