Fortnum and Mason Rose Pouchong tea is my new obsession

Ah, nothing like stating the obvious in a catchy blogpost title, eh?!

Rose Pouchong | Fortnum's Rose Pouchong Tea

Image: Fortnum and Mason

Last week, I went to London to review the V&A’s wonderful wedding dresses exhibition (you can read my review here). I also found my way to Fortnum and Mason, a store that I had never entered, although I’d walked past it loads of times. I should really have been in before, as it’s renowned around the world for its high quality teas.

Anyway, the department I found myself in was stuffed full of tea, coffee, cake, biscuits, chocolate (at a fiver a bar! I can’t quite get my head around the fact that some people will actually get their weekly shop from Fortnums. I’m SO provincial) and other delights. I felt like I was in a posher version of that sweet shop in the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film. There was even a Taj Mahal made of tea:

Please don't judge me on the quality of this photo

Please don’t judge me on the quality of this photo

Anyway, I was determined to bring some tea back to the Pomfrett household and, while it was easy to pick for Benn (a nice Darjeeling, in teabag form, actually not too badly priced), I had a hell of a time choosing for me. In the end, I went to the counter, which I doubt has changed format since the 18th Century- a huge display case of massive tins of tea and friendly staff in Fortnum’s mint green livery to serve. I spied the Rose Pouchong and asked for a sniff; it was HEAVEN. A black Keemun tea that’s infused with rose petals during the drying process, I knew this would be right up my street.

I bought a caddy for £9.95, which I didn’t think was too expensive and made my way home. And lo, a love affair was born.

I’ve drunk rose flavoured teas before, but there’s nothing quite like this tea. It’s light, fragrant and sweet. I’ll admit, I’d never even heard of a pouchong tea before I bought this, but apparently it’s halfway between a green tea and an oolong (which itself is halfway between green and black teas).

Now, I don’t know if I’m being a class rebel or what, but Fortnums recommend drinking this a) without milk and b) in the afternoon. I like it ALL DAY with a mere splash of milk. It just suits my tastes better that way and almost has more of a Turkish Delight quality about it.

The only shame is that, online, I can only seem to buy this in caddy or teabag form… I can sense a dangerous precedent of going up to London every few weeks just to buy this. I might even get used to the idea of £5 chocolate bars… only joking, that would never happen. I’m from Leeds.


5 thoughts on “Fortnum and Mason Rose Pouchong tea is my new obsession

  1. Alice Helwig says:

    Lucky you, you can get more! I’m from Canada and picked up some Rose Pouchong to take home last time we were in London. It is incredible. But sadly they don’t sell it here. I had my last cup yesterday.

  2. Jule M. says:

    I believe they suggest to not have milk in it to shake people out of their routines. From what I’ve read (and watched, I’ve watched some Whittard’s and Fortnum’s videos), a lot of Brits just dump in milk and sugar in tea without a second thought. With finer teas like a pouchong, they often don’t need milk or sugar and you get a better idea of how the tea tastes. I drink any new tea without milk (if it’s oolong, green or white, then I don’t add milk at all) and add milk or agave syrup if needed after a few sips. It forces me to evaluate the tea and all it has to offer.

    I hope to visit Fortnum and Mason’s one day, the store seems so lush and posh. Based on the pictures I’ve seen online, I’ll have a hard time keeping my jaw off the floor.

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