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I love loose leaf tea, but I can’t often indulge in it at work, as the preparation of the tea is something that’s a bit of a faff when I’m grabbing a quick cuppa between lessons. As a result, I often resort to dusty teabags- quick, effective and not messy. However, Cup of Tea have recently begun stocking Ronnefeldt LeafCup, which could be the answer to my dilemma…

Ronnefeldt are a German company who make very, very good tea and these long teabags are no exception. Do I think the teabags make a difference? Yes- there’s more room for the tea leaves to unfold and because the leaves are not broken as they are in ‘proper’ teabags, there’s more of the actual leaf to give flavour. The black teas have more depth and flavours, such as bergamot and spices, seem to be intensified (maybe it’s because they have more room to move about). Green teas tasted fresher and much nicer than whenever I’ve made green tea from a teabag (I normally make my own teabags, so it’s not much of an issue in that case.)

Finally, you’ll notice the hook part of the bag- at first this puzzled me. After all, the length of the bag means that it stands up in the cup. Aha! Obviously physics is not my strong point- it comes in useful once you’ve added water and are letting the tea steep. I hooked the bag to the handle and it also meant the bag stayed in place until I was ready. Brilliantly, the temperature and recommended time is printed on the hook, so you’ll never be at a loss as to how to make the perfect brew! This would also be handy if you needed to take your tea from one room to another at work.

These are great for busy people and I’d highly recommend the Earl Grey flavour in particular!

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