A Tale of Two Hand Creams


The hot weather is playing havoc with my hands; I’m trying to keep up with my various craft projects and my hands are drying out insanely quickly. I managed to use up my stockpile of free L’Occitane hand creams from Marie Claire (seriously, I had SO MANY) and decided it was time to try something new. Silly me.

First up, I bought Garnier Intensive 7 Days Soothing, which has added honey. I’ve had really good experiences with honey based skincare in the past and I thought this could be the holy grail for me: cheap, easily available and effective. On the first two counts, it does the job. It smells OK. As for effective…. well. I don’t particularly like the texture of this hand cream, as it’s heavy and makes my skin feel claggy (a nice Yorkshire word meaning sticky, gross etc.) I felt like I had to use a ton to get the moisturisation I needed. It might be better in the winter, but it’s just not effective enough for my needs.


You can see the difference in textures here; the Garnier is thicker and more solid, whereas the L’Occitane has a lighter consistency.

I then decided that my mum’s hairdresser was right that time when she said ‘buy cheap, buy twice.’ I knew I needed to go to the brand that had never let me down- L’Occitane. Yes, it’s more expensive at £8 a tube, but a little goes a long way and the quality is amazing for the price.

After what must have seemed an eternity to the bemused sales assistant as I compared all the different scents on offer (I only use the Shea Butter hand cream in winter; its thicker consistency is brilliant for cold, chapped hands), I settled on the new Frisson de Verveine gel based hand cream. It’s light and has a fantastic zingy scent which is perfect for summer. The cream itself melts into skin and leaves it feeling fresh and clean. Well worth the extra money in my book!


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