Review: Elementary Sewing Skills from Merchant & Mills*


A while back, I had the good fortune to review the Merchant & Mills sewing book and so I was keen to take a look at this little accompanying volume.

Like its predecessor, this is a very utilitarian-chic book; no-nonsense and no fuss, it talks you through the basics of sewing as well as more complex techniques.

20140725_114314.jpgWhat’s really great about this book is its little size; it’s A5, so perfect for stashing in my bag when I’m going on a fabric buying spree (or, more likely, I’m at the computer eyeing up cat fabric online at Guthrie and Ghani…) The size also means it’s a useful addition when pattern cutting or sewing- you can have it just on the table without it taking up more room than necessary.



The motto of Merchant & Mills is ‘do it once, do it well’ and this little book aims to help you with this (oh, how I wish I’d had it earlier!) Everything for the beginner sewer is there and, because there’s no patters, just method, it’s easy to stay focused on the task in hand. The diagrams and instructions are clear without being patronising.



I would definitely, definitely recommend this to all dressmakers, as all aspects of making clothing is here. I will be using this all the time and I hope it’ll help me improve my own technique. It’s just brilliant. At ¬£12.99, I think it’s a bit of a snip; it’ll help you improve ALL of your patterns and you’ll learn new skills too. Fabulous.

*PR Sample



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