Je suis une geek, oui?

Sometimes, you get an email that sparks an idea off in your brain for a blogpost and you do it. When SingleHop emailed me to ask if I wanted to do a blogpost about being a geek in the run up to Geekness Day on Sunday, I thought “Yeah, OK. I could do with some ideas for the blog.” So here we are. (BTW, not being paid for this post, I just thought it was a fun topic.)



Now, I am quite unashamedly a geek in some ways. Not in an Alexa Chung/Topshop t-shirt kind of way, but in a ‘why, yes, I do own a number of t-shirts from TeeFury/Qwertee‘ kind of way (mostly Dr Who, X Files and Powerpuff Girls/Batman mashups, if you’re interested.) I am geeky about many topics: tea, certain books, history, the aforementioned Mulder and Scully. I also think it’s quite possibly genetic; my mum has two daughters and neither turned out to be the ballerina of her dreams. We spent out childhood beating the local boys at Street Fighter II to the point that no one would challenge us any more.

Image: Print by Hey Monster

(By the way, if anyone wants to buy me this print, you can. Here. I need it in my life.)

I think my evolution as a geek started young; I grew up with two male cousins close in age to me, but old enough to seem wiser and otherworldly to a younger me. They had a love of Red Dwarf and SNES and so it seemed natural that my sister and I followed in their footsteps. AND NOW LOOK AT ME. I write a blog read by literally TENS of people on a semi-regular basis. I’m living the dream, kids.

So, who’s your geek role model? I’ve said it before, but mine are definitely Scully, April O’Neil and Velma from Scooby Doo (being short, round and ginger as a kid/adult means limited options when represented in the media.) On Sunday I shall wear a Super Mario t-shirt with pride and eyeliner. Happy Geekiness Day 2014!



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