Country Baskets Blogger Challenge- Accessorize yourself!

Before Christmas, I was asked to take part in the Country Baskets blogger challenge. I enjoyed myself so much that I knew I would be well up for the spring challenge- to design something suitable for a wedding. There’s £250 of craft vouchers up for grabs, so I had to design something interesting.

Now, I admit that I found this quite hard; I ran through a few different ideas. A corsage? A bag? In the end, I decided to make a headband- they’ve become quite a staple in my own accessory wardrobe. I knew I wanted to use some of the purple chiffon in the pack I was sent, as well as some sparkly teardrops. I just had no idea what to do.

And then it hit me- I’d take Carey Mulligan as Daisy in The Great Gatsby as my inspiration!

carey-mulligan-great-gatsby-pixie-cutI decided though that my own creation would be a bit more low-key- I don’t have the skills and, more importantly, I didn’t have any glue in the house. Everything would be hand-stitched and done in the limited time I had while D was out with his grandparents. So, listening to Ivanhoe on Radio 4 (narrated by David Tennant), I set to work.

First of all, I cut a length of chiffon and lace and stitched them together. The chiffon is barely visible and gives the hairband a wispiness, while the lace really makes it feel ‘wedding-y’.


The challenge was to use five of the materials I was sent. Of course, using the chiffon meant that the rest of the product had to be similarly delicate. One of the materials that most interested me was a wire spray with teardrops. I decided to snip some of these off and twist them onto the lace at regular intervals. Although not immediately obvious, I thought they’d reflect the sunlight really nicely on a beautiful day.


I was also sent a lovely white and cream bouquet of artificial flowers; although immediately attracted to the roses and lilies (that had a splash of pink in the centre), I thought that the smaller flowers would suit the delicate look I was going for- anything else would have just been, well, blousey. Also, I have fond childhood memories of them, so they seemed perfect for the project at hand. Luckily, they popped off their stems quite easily, so I stitched those on as well.


Finally, I added ribbon to the ends, so that the hairband would tie on nicely. (By the way, I apologise for the state of my hair in this photo, but I was sort of aiming for ‘shabby chic’. Alas, I ended up with just plain old shabby…)

This was a super easy project that took just over an hour; it could be an idea for bridesmaids or for brides who are having a simple wedding. Similarly, it could double up as some kind of festival hairband, which I hear are all the rage with the kids these days.

Anyway, I hope you like it!

(All materials provided by Country Baskets)



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