Relaxation Wishlist…

Ah, I’m stressed. Work stress, house-buying stress and, this weekend, ‘oh-look-my-lips-have-swollen-in-an-allergic-reaction’ stress. I need a holiday, ideally on my own. Alas, due to expensive dentistry, this is not an option (although I can pretend I’m in Paris in my head. There are some advantages of being a champion daydreamer.) Alas, I am skint and a toddler does not leave much spare time for utterly selfish ‘me-time’, but I may save up and treat myself in a few months…


So, if I had the money, what would I do?

  • A good facial- yeah, I could do this myself at home, but there’s something utterly luxurious about someone doing it for you. Plus they often know what they’re doing more than I do and so I relax more.
  • Full body massage- I haven’t had a massage since before I got pregnant with D. I LOVE massages, especially the ones with aromatherapy oils and stuff. I leave the session feeling slightly tipsy and chilled and I sleep wonderfully afterwards.
  • Yoga class- again, I haven’t been to yoga since early pregnancy and I don’t have room to do much in the current house. I’m not very good at yoga, but I find that a good session has the same effect on me as a good massage.
  • Posh manicure- I don’t quite know what I mean by ‘posh’. I’d just like someone to do it for me and for it not to smudge.
  • A night to myself in a hotel- I love my boys, I really do. But if money was no object, I would take myself off to the Metropole with a book and just wallow. Long hot bath, face mask, huge book, posh chocolates, room service. Ahhh, heaven.

What would you do for your ultimate relaxation?


3 thoughts on “Relaxation Wishlist…

  1. Erika says:

    Facial and manipedi, definitely! I spend most of my time by myself so I don’t need a hotel room and I get rather tense with a stranger rubbing my body, so that’s a no for me. Reading and watching telly are two favourites also.

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