Little Bookworm: BabyLit




It is well known that I’m an English teacher and that my favourite books are Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Wuthering Heights. So as soon as I cottoned on to Baby Lit books, I knew D had to have them!

He currently owns Jabberwocky, Alice in Wonderland, Dracula, Moby Dick, Romeo and Juliet and Sherlock Holmes, but I have designs on getting the whole set for him… ‘But what’s the point?’ I hear you cry. Well.



Each book focuses on a particular skill- identifying colours or numbers, for example. Some, like Jabberwocky and Moby Dick focus on something relevant to the story: nonsense and the sea. The idea is that through the books, children become comfortable with the idea of ‘classics’ and also learn something fun, too. Don’t worry- these books by no means tell the stories, but takes an idea from the books. For example, Alice in Wonderland is all about different colours; Romeo and Juliet is about counting (five roses, six letters etc.)

Benn HATES them; he doesn’t see the point in them, especially Jabberwocky (I keep telling him it’s a classic!) I love them. I love the idea that babies and toddlers can learn their numbers through bright, colourful pictures and also that they’re getting a feel for books that they might enjoy when they’re older. As a literature teacher, I have some slightly naive hope that they might take some of the fear and trepidation away from ‘old’ books.

But what does D think? Well, he likes some more than others- he’s drawn to the brighter ones and loves Jabberwocky (which is basically an abridged version of the poem. Seriously, I read this one so much that I can calm him down from a tantrum by reciting the poem from memory.)

I’m planning on buying a ton of these for my new nephew who arrives in a couple of months. I may also buy myself the badges.


One thought on “Little Bookworm: BabyLit

  1. Kel says:

    Oh I’ve seen these, I think they’re great too! My two are well too old for them now but if they were still tiny I’d definitely be buying the set too!

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