Tea-riffic: A mixology workshop with Bluebird Tea Co.

Let’s be clear about something before we begin: I’m not even apologising for that pun.


A bunch of bloggers were invited  to attend a mixology workshop/class at the newly opened Bluebird Tea Co. bricks and mortar shop in Brighton on Friday. As I’m a big fan, of course I said yes!

These classes happen on the last Friday of every month and, for £25, you get a lesson about tea, the chance to try a range of teas, mix your own tea blends and have unlimited tea cocktails all night (the Mojitea-based cocktail was LUSH. I may have had a couple…)


First, we were given a talk about matcha and its benefits; I have tried matcha before- I used it to help me lose weight in the run up to my wedding and found that although I didn’t like the taste, I could mix it with other things. Bluebird offer a range of takeaway smoothies (I recommend the Super Tea!) but are also the first company in the UK to offer flavoured matcha. We tried all four varieties: the plain matcha, super matcha (which inclues acai and blueberry), orange matcha (reminded me of Berrocca!) and lemon matcha. My favourite was the orange, although I could see myself using the lemon during a cold.

At the moment, I’m mixing plain matcha into flavoured green teas first thing in the morning to give me a gentle caffeine boost; I’m also LOVING it this way after I’ve had a run/been laughed at by teenage girls in my local park. Although we were given a small tin to try, I am planning on buying a full-sized tin once I get paid (never enough month left at the end of the money, eh?!) You too can try it- if you enter StephsMatcha at checkout, you’ll get a 20% discount on any matcha and related products you buy. Not bad!


Next, we had a talk from Mike about different types of tea and then we tried various teas from the range. Although I have tried most of them, it was interesting to taste them in a ‘proper’ way, i.e. slurping from a teaspoon, although I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to spit out like wine tasters.

Next came the best bit- the blending. I love the idea of blending bespoke tea; in the past I have paid quite a lot of money to have it done. However, the mixology section of the evening showed me how easy it is to actually do it yourself. I decided to make a rooibos based tea, as I like to have something before bed that won’t keep me awake and jittery. I added rose petals, cacoa nibs and a pinch of cinnamon and ended up with something akin to a spiced Turkish delight flavour. It is lovely- and probably much healthier before bed than a hot chocolate! (I’m even researching online how to order the bits to make it myself at home…)

Anyway, if you get the chance, do attend one of these evenings- they’re a lot of fun!


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