Books 2014: May

Another busy month, reading-wise. Rather than do the usual ‘Blimey, hasn’t time flown!’ etc, let’s just get down to it, yeah?

As usual, all images are Waterstones. What is new this month is that you can buy all my recommendations from my storefront at My Independent Bookshop. If you do buy anything from there, a small amount goes to one of my favourite indie bookshops, Much Ado Books in Alfriston.

A Game of Thrones- George R.R Martin (Kindle)

A Game of Thrones: Book 1 of a Song of Ice and Fire - A Song of Ice and Fire 1 (May)

If you’re after a novel that will completely take over your life, this is it. I made the mistake of reading the first book at the same time as watching the first series on DVD. I became utterly engrossed. It’s like Tolkien meets The Wars of the Roses. I’m having a break from the second book though- I had to take a GoT 24 hour-break at one point.

The Broken- Tamar Cohen (review copy)

The Broken (May)

This novel tells the story of a messy marital breakdown that seems to draw others in, whether they want to be or not. A taut psychological thriller for when you don’t want to think too much- just let the story take you with it.

The King’s Mistress- Claudia Gold (Kindle)

The King's Mistress: Scandal, Intrigue and the True Story of the Woman Who Stole George I's Heart (May)

This was disappointing; it was one of those biographies where there isn’t actually a lot documented about the woman in question, so there’s a lot of hearsay, which is of course a common occurrence with famous women in history. An interesting look at life in the George I though.

Mrs Hemingway- Naomi Wood (library book)

Mrs. Hemingway (May)

I loved this. It tells the story of each of Ernest Hemingway’s wives and their relationships, not just with him, but with each other. Naomi Wood makes these otherwise sensible, fantastic women come alive on the page and made me wonder why they ever put up with a brute like Ernest.

The Paris Wife- Paula McLain (library book)

The Paris Wife (May)

Another book about Ernest Hemingway’s love life, this time focusing on his first wife Hadley. The novel tells the story of Hadley from the moment she meets the great writer to the moment she leaves him following an affair. Set in Paris in the 1920s, it’s a rollercoaster of a story- even if you do know how it ends. I didn’t enjoy the writing as much as I enjoyed Mrs Hemingway.



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