Little Bookworm: Little Miss Hug*

This may or may not become a regular thing where I review books that D enjoys, but we were offered the chance to review the latest addition to the Little Miss collection and being the nostalgic soul I am, I jumped at it. I LOVED the Mr Men and Little Misses as a kid and D doesn’t have any of them… UNTIL NOW (ominous *duh-duh-duh*)


Now, you’ll have to excuse the slightly battered state of the book, but I think this attests to how much D loves it- it goes everywhere in his little backpack.

Exhibit A:



Apparently, Maurice the Cat and T-Rex are an essential in any boy’s backpack.

The story- like all Little Miss stories- is simple: Little Miss Hug likes giving hugs, until she encounters Mr Grumpy. I’ll let you guess what happens next…!

I think the reason he loves the book so much is the size. He can quite happily bring it to me and demand ‘TA!’ without getting tired. I love it because it’s exactly how I remember the series to be: bright, cheerful and delightful to read. I honestly think that it captures all of the old charm the series had when I was little and it’s nice to see it being carried forward to the 21st century (also- I was shocked to learn that Roger Hargreaves died in 1988. Since then, his son Adam has illustrated the series.)

One of the nice things about receiving the book is that it’s now inspired me to go out and get all of the other Roger Hargreaves books for D, which I’m pretty sure is a collection worth having.


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