“Winter is coming” or: how Game of Thrones temporarily took over my life

Recently I fell down a massive rabbit hole: that of Game of Thrones. It’s been a while since I finished my marathon X-Files catch up and I haven’t really had the time or inclination to pick anything else up, but I decided that I would give GoT a go.

Image: splatter.com

Image: splatter.com

I had tried to read the first book a couple of years ago, but gave up after being utterly confused by all the different characters. A friend of work offered to lend me the first two seasons and so I made a decision that, I have come to realise, was a bit of a folly. Not because I hated it- but because I became OBSESSED with the whole thing. I decided to read and watch at (roughly) the same time. At one point, I had to have a day off from both the DVDs and the novel because I was becoming swamped.

I realise I’m a bit behind (I’ve just watched the first two episodes of season 2) and I know that there have been some scenes that have made people uncomfortable- you know, if you managed to get past the quite significant amount of inter-sibling relationships and baby murdering- but at the moment I’m really enjoying it. It’s a bit like the Wars of the Roses but even messier than the real thing.

I have been asked how, as a feminist, I feel about the series and the clear answer is, honestly, I’m not sure. I can see the problems with how the female characters are portrayed (although I stand by the claim that I think Dany is a bit more in control in the book than she is in the first series) and also the amount of what appears to be superfluous sex scenes for the most part, but I can also see how there are strong women (Arya!) in the cast too. One of the things I like about the programme is that all of the characters are flawed- and often massively so. I do intend to read up on feminist posts about GoT, so please do point me in the direction of any good ones!

I have made a decision regarding the rest of my GoT watching. I’m not going to read the books at the same time. Otherwise, I will be able to talk about nothing else but how weird they all are on Westeros.

4 thoughts on ““Winter is coming” or: how Game of Thrones temporarily took over my life

  1. belledubrighton says:

    I just finished season 3. I am enjoying it immensely. Sam is re watching it with me and keeps going ‘Oohhhhhhh now that’s interesting’ etc etc. Personally I don’t give two hoots if there are sex scenes/feeble women etc etc but then i’m not a feminist. Athena seems to be enjoying it too as a couple of nights she’s been glued to it instead of going back to sleep. Oh well!

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