Oh, Monday

Well, usually I don’t mind Mondays, as I’m off work. But today is really starting off by being special.

I have a bit of a cold… luckily, a couple of weeks ago Twinings sent me a pack of various fruit teas and a gorgeous Fifi Lapin mug (which is JUST the right size for a decent hot chocolate, by the way). So I’ve been drinking Blackcurrent Burst all morning. It’s like a nicer version of Lemsip!* Twinings are currently pairing with The Huffington Post UK to bring us the Make Work Wonderful Hub, a hive of great content to cheer up your work day at 3pm. So if you have the Monday blues, do take a look. I’ll review the teas in full at a later date.

Sorry about the quality of the photo, but I'm ill, OK?

  Sorry about the quality of the photo, but I’m ill, OK?

Adding to my general blues the fact that D opened the morning by being sick all over me and is so dribbly/snotty that no matter how many times I wipe his face, he looks like he has a five o’clock shadow because of all the GUNK he manages to attract from the floor.

Oh, and we have the gas man coming to check the boiler.

I hope you have a better day than us!


*I have resisted the urge to add whiskey to my hot drink, you’ll be pleased to know. It’s not even 8.30!


One thought on “Oh, Monday

  1. Katie (@teaandcaketime) says:

    That mug is so cute; and one can never have too many mugs that are the perfect size for hot chocolate! I tried the Mango and Strawberry flavour at the weekend and was really impressed- so many fruit teas smell amazing but taste like dishwater. I hope you and D feel better soon! xxx

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