Review: Love at First Stitch*

The blog seems super sewing oriented at the moment- this is not a bad thing! I’m really proud to be able to bring you a review of Tilly Walnes’ first book on its publication day.


As you might have seen from my last post, Tilly released a pattern from the book in the run up to today. As a rookie at sewing, I found the Brigette scarf an easy and satisfying project. The rest of the patterns look pretty and chic. Let me give you a brief teaser of a tour…



Not to judge a book by its cover (I TOTALLY AM), but isn’t it stylish?! I feel perfectly French and lovely just looking at it.




The book moves through the patterns and projects at an increasing skill level, which I like. It’s really aimed at newbies (although experienced sewers will find lots to get their teeth into, particularly the dresses.) I already have a really cool fabric lined up for these PJ bottoms- a navy cotton with an Indian-style, hot pink peacock feathers print. Oh yes!


Requirements are really clearly detailed, which is good- I have been known to go into fabric shops with a vague description of what it is! I can see myself taking this into shops and letting someone who knows more about this sort of thing than I do…


However, there are lots of helpful bits of advice throughout the book in the numerous ‘lifestyle’ sections- everything from how to look like you know what you’re doing in a fabric shop to how to wear more handmade garments. I found this helpful- and it’s written in Tilly’s characteristically friendly manner. If you read her blog, you’ll be familiar with her style.


Tilly’s instructions are clear (also- see that yellow nail polish? I think I need it…) and I like that they’re both photos and written; I find both really help me get my head round complicated techniques.


I LOVE that there are ways included to personalise your finished garments. I drive Benn mad when I’m knitting because I’m always umm-ing and ahh-ing about how I can make something my own.

Overall, I am excited to get cracking on the patterns in the book and adjusting them to suit me. I feel confident that I can attempt to make my own clothes and not feel like I’m a complete amateur.

If you want to buy the book- and you should!- you can buy it direct from Tilly at her blog for £20 or from the usual bookshops and websites.


*review copy

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