Books 2014: April

April’s been a busy month and I will give you fair warning now that next month’s round-up may include Game of Thrones rhapsodies (I’m currently reading- and LOVING- the first book.)

Anyway, let’s begin and, as per, all photos are Waterstones.

Surrounded By Water- Stephanie Butland (review copy)

Surrounded By Water (Apr)

I interviewed Stephanie as part of the blog tour that accompanied the book’s launch and I’m pleased I read this book. It’s a book about betrayal, lust and loss- and ultimately working out if people are exactly who you thought they were.

The Black Dahlia- James Ellroy (Benn’s book)

The Black Dahlia (Apr)

Benn loves this type of book- hardboiled cops chasing old fashioned gangsters. I like reading about Bonnie and Clyde and stuff, so I gave it a go. All I can say is, James Ellroy is not really for me. There’s a lot of 40s slang I had no idea about (lots of googling occurred) and, although I’m familiar with the case of the Black Dahlia, I didn’t like how it was ‘solved’ in the novel

A Magnificent Obsession- Helen Rappaport (my copy)

Magnificent Obsession (Apr)

We all know that Prince Albert’s death led to Queen Victoria wearing black for the rest of her life and, at times, becoming a virtual recluse. This book covers that as well as how Albert’s death affected Victorian society as a whole. It’s actually quite interesting how trades were affected by his death and the queen’s reaction and references to real people and businesses make the changes brought about to society by Albert’s death all the more real.

Invisible Romans- Robert Knapp

Invisible Romans: Prostitutes, Outlaws, Slaves, Gladiators, Ordinary Men and Women... the Romans That History Forgot (Apr)

I bought this last summer when I was still in my Pompeii phase. It’s a good- if sometimes hard to read and overly scholarly- book that details the lives of ‘ordinary’ Romans, those who didn’t write books. What they did do is write epitaphs and we can learn a great deal about their lives from their deaths. An interesting read, especially considering limited source material.


2 thoughts on “Books 2014: April

  1. Kel says:

    I’ve just started the Game of Thrones books too – looking forward to hearing your thoughts on them!
    Sounds like some good ‘uns here too!

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