Klip Tea Brewer*

One of my favourite shops in Brighton is the newly opened Bluebird Tea Co. (who I like to think of as friends, as well as supporters of the blog!) When I was in there the other day, Krisi showed me the Klip tea brewer and I was intrigued. I usually use paper tea filters that I have sent over from Germany, so anything to make tea drinking easier- especially at work- would be a welcome addition to my tea cupboard!


Apparently, Mike discovered the Klip on Kickstarter and decided it would be a good product for the Bluebird range. The idea is simple- it’s a tea infuser, but one with rather nifty benefits. As well as being good for tea, it’s eco-friendly and money from each purchase goes to environmental causes.

1) The Klip clips to the side of any mug and you can taste the tea as it’s brewing, meaning that you can have the perfect brew for you…


The clip is secure and I have moved around with this in the mug- it’s been perfectly secure, which makes it an attractive choice for when I’m at work and often have to brew-on-the-go.

The downside is you do get a (admittedly TINY) amount of sediment from the basket, which you don’t from the paper filters I use. However, this is a small price to pay, as I’ve found the tea tastes better as it has more space to unfurl, so swings and roundabouts!

2) The lid of the Klip acts as a saucer, so all you have to do when you’re done is flip the Klip over and you’re done! No mess, no leaking. Brilliant. It’s always the simple ideas that work best, right?

I’ve tried the clip with green, white, rooibos and black teas and I thought it worked well with all varieties, but especially the white and rooibos teas.


There are a couple of minor downsides compared to my usual tea filters- like all mesh tea infusers, it’s a pain to clean. I just soak it in some hot, soapy water and it’s fine.

The only other downside is the price- it’s £14.99. However, if you think about how reusable it is and the fact that buying tea filter papers can be quite pricey, in the long-term you’d save money. I would happily  have a couple of these, one for home and one for work.

What do you think? Would you use this?


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