Flower Pharm Wild Rose bath foam and body butter

Sometimes, all it takes is something cheap and cheerful to brighten my spirits and reverse the effects of a crap day. One of my fail-safe products for this is Flower Pharm Wild Rose bath foam.



I first picked it up on a whim in Tesco- I love anything rose scented and I love baths; ergo, this was a definite choice for me. It’s cheap too- £2.99 for 300ml. Also, the packaging is so pretty, it sort of reminded me of those chintzy dresses they have in the V&A…

However, despite being cheap, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling cheap- I feel nicely moisturised when I get out. I don’t know about you, but sometimes cheap bubble bath can make my skin a bit sore or dry. I haven’t experienced this with Flower Pharm. The smell is lovely, but if you’re only about high end oils, you might find it a bit chemical-y smelling. Hey, I’m a cheap date and easy to please. I LOVE this stuff. The good thing about cheaper bubble bath products vs expensive ones is that I can use as much as I want and never feel like an utter spendthrift.

The body butter is a bit more expensive at £4.99, but this is generally a ballpark figure for most body butters anyway. Again, lovely and moisturising and a tub goes a long way! It really makes my skin soft and smooth- although I don’t use too much as layering this scent too generously could give me a headache!

Anyway, both of these are re-purchases and I’ve also tried the Orange Blossom bath foam (again, lush.) Apparently you can also buy Flower Pharm at Superdrug.



6 thoughts on “Flower Pharm Wild Rose bath foam and body butter

  1. Mary Dyer says:

    I have to say on friday I bought some Body butter in Orange flower. It is the foulest smelling thing I have ever encountered. I put a bit on my hands and 20 minutes later I couldn’t stand it anymore. Thank the lord I hadn’t put it on all over after a bath! I would have had to have another bath to wash it off. The only way I can describe it is vile. It smell nothing at all like oranges. Never again. What a total waste of money.

  2. Hempette says:

    got the wild rose body butter as a gift……. smells amazing, like sitting by a rose bush in the warm sun!! feels like baby skin. Glad I encountered this, Ill be buying more products as soon as I can

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