Review: The Great British Sewing Bee- Sew Your Own Wardrobe

I recently treated myself to the latest GBSB book as I’m mainly interested in learning to sew my own clothes (disclaimer: I’m a bit of a weird shape.) Although I’ve been focussing on making stuff for D with varying degrees of success, the ultimate goal is to make dresses and skirts for myself- ideally good enough to wear to work!


I really like that there’s a separate pattern pack- I quite like the process of piecing together patterns (I know that’s a bit sad!) but it takes a lot of ink- so I can trace these easily.

As I’m a beginner sewer, I thought I would pick the patterns that most appealed to me in terms of ease; although I LOVE the 60s coat, it’ll be a while before I get to that!


I’ve actually bought some fabric to do the t-shirt, although I went for some jersey in grey with polka dots. I’ve also planned to do a sewalong with a Twitter friend. We’re both newbies, so we’ll be virtually cheering each other on! I like this pattern because it’s only two pieces, but there’s a bit of bias binding needed, which will keep things interesting.


I really like this- although I would probably wear it with leggings. I can imagine really playing with colours and fabrics, so this is next on my hit-list!

I also really like the information presented in the book, such as the masterclasses, which make even scary seeming processes seem easier:


Another feature I found really useful is the fabric dictionary. I have NO CLUE about fabrics, so this was really handy! I think for the price- it seems to be on offer all over the place at the moment- it’s really worth it, especially as patterns can be so expensive. I’ll be blogging my process as I go, so do keep an eye out.

This week, I will be finishing D’s shorts and having a go at Tilly and the Buttons’ Brigette scarf. I am stupidly excited about her new book being launched in a couple of weeks and I bought a really cool suit-y fabric to make it out of! If you’re a beginner sewer, have a go at the pattern- it’s super simple!


2 thoughts on “Review: The Great British Sewing Bee- Sew Your Own Wardrobe

  1. Hannah Ackroyd says:

    I’ve bought this book too! I don’t think the projects in it are quite as inspiring as in the last book, but I think it has a lot more useful information for beginners! I MUST get round to actually making something from it though!!! I love that T-shirt too!

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