17 months…

Can you believe that D is almost a year and a half old? This time last year, I was preparing to go back to work and slowly winning the battle with postnatal depression. D was a cheeky little dude who laughed a lot and shuffled about a bit, but not much else. Now he’s a (sort of) walking, talking monkey who, like his mother, never shuts up:



Benn has accused me of creating a monster though, as D spends a lot of his time demanding ‘Po Po Pat’ and ‘miaow’ (Postman Pat and Jess, if you’re not up on your toddler speak).

I’ve also found a TV couple who parent a bit like me: Cam and Mitchell on Modern Family- I know I’m five years late to the party, but we just got Netflix and I’m hooked.


Seriously, everything they do with Lily has some kind of element that reminds me of mine and Benn’s sometimes woeful attempts at parenting. I’m not at the stage of dressing D up as Diana Ross just yet though, no matter how fond he is of playing with my makeup.

Although D is a joy to be around, he is also starting to have tantrums. One of the hardest things is working out how to deal with what adults consider ‘bad behaviour’ but to a toddler is just exploring; he’s too little to know right from wrong, but there is behaviour that I don’t want him to display- like hitting his childminder’s daughter (which thankfully seems to have ended now.) I don’t want D to become the kid that no one invites to parties. But that’s something Benn and I will work out as we muddle along.

I swear that when I next get broody though we’re getting a dog. Kids are hard work.





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