2014: A Sewing Odyssey

I have a new (well, secondhand) sewing machine that arrived yesterday- and I LOVE it. So much nicer than my Brother machine of a few years ago. I have named her Joan, after the actress Joan Crawford (who I think would be mortified that a piece of machinery bore her name.)


I find that this machine (a Toyota) is quiet and easy to control, which is great for me, as I get really antsy about losing control of my work. At the moment, I’m working on a rubbish patchwork blanket thing, but it’s quite tricky as all my squares are a bit… random. I’m only doing it to get a grip on the handling of the machine though.

This book arrived today:


As lovely as it is (and all the patterns are included), I’m finding even the beginner’s patterns a bit terrifying. So, after talking to my friend Cecilia who writes sewing books in Germany, I downloaded this pattern, which has lots of options and can be lengthened into trousers, too. It was about £5 after conversion, so I’m hoping that it will get lots of use! I’ve ordered some Japanese elephant fabric and a nice white and red checked fabric too. I’m going to do the basic boy shorts in 18 months to start with and see how I get on.

I’m hoping that by doing an easy, straightforward pattern a few times, I can get my confidence up with my sewing enough to make myself a skirt. I’ve seen some lovely patterns, but it’s a lot of investment for me to go horribly wrong. So I just figured that, for now, I’ll start small.



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