Oh, Great British Sewing Bee, I love you.

Image: digitalspy.co.uk

Image: digitalspy.co.uk

Those of you who know me, either via the blog, Twitter or- heaven forbid- in ACTUAL REAL LIFE know that I am primarily a knitter. Oh, sure, I dabble with baking and gardening (and often fail spectacularly at both), I have been known to enjoy a spot of embroidery: but my heart belongs to those needles and yarn.

And yet. I love the idea of sewing on an actual machine. I’ve tried for years to be confident with a machine. I’ve taken lessons and tried hard. However, I’ve never had the confidence to pursue my dream of making my own clothes. I’ve used different books and still beaten myself up when I’ve made mistakes.

But two things have happened: I have a child (smaller body to make things for) and I’ve fallen in love with The Great British Sewing Bee. I would like to present you with a list of reasons why:

  1. Claudia. I love Claudia. I wish I could be her real life friend. I like to think we’d have random conversations and compare eyeliner.
  2. I like seeing people of different skill levels competing- and the fact that sometimes they go a bit wrong is reassuring. This series, I am awed by the talent of Chinelo, who generally sews without a pattern. I mean, how do you even learn to do that? But then, sometimes even she makes a mistake. So if someone as amazingly talented as her can go wrong is great for my confidence (sorry, Chinelo.)
  3. I like the historical snippets this series. I love the thought of Georgian women rushing to the docks to get themselves a bit of illegal chintz to gussy up their dresses.
  4. The music is lovely.
  5. It makes me want to DO stuff. I actually sit and watch the programme whilst knitting, but it’s making me want to make clothes for D and maybe make a throw for the sofa for when we move.

I’ve arranged with a friend to give her old Toyota machine a good home (we’re swapping and she’s getting my beautiful, but largely useless Singer from 1940) and I’ll be picking it up at the weekend. I can’t wait!

I have some Amazon vouchers and I’ve been toying with buying the tie-in book and also pre-ordering the book from last series’ contestant Tilly Walnes. If you have any thoughts or simple pattern suggestions, let me know!


9 thoughts on “Oh, Great British Sewing Bee, I love you.

  1. Hannah Ackroyd says:

    I am eager to try making clothes too! I’ve been building up my confidence using my machine for some small projects first before diving in, but I have bought all of the supplies for a skirt and a dress. The GBSB book is AMAZING although I do prefer the projects in the book that they did with the last series. Both books are beautiful though!

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