Review: Busy Bee Candles’ Magik Beanz


Living in a house with a small child yet to be potty trained, I am obsessed with smells. I like the house to smell nice and I have a preference for ‘food-y’ smells (particularly when it’s cold- there’s nothing better than faking the smell of baking….!)

Recently, I came across Busy Bee Candles on Twitter and decided to have a look at their range (I’d broken the plate of my burner and, while I was waiting for a new one, used the No Clean Wax Tarts– highly recommended!) I was impressed with the range of scents available: everything from perfume, old favourites, springtime florals and other smells are there for anyone who loves their home fragrance.

I recently decided to buy some of my favourite scents as Magik Beanz, which are little pots of beans: you put as many as you like in the burner and they melt, releasing fragrance. The recommended amount is five, but I like the flexibility- more or less depending on the strength I want. Even on a smaller amount, the beans last for hours.

My current favourite scents are Dragon’s Blood, a kind of incense-y scent that reminds me of church; Cariad, a pretty, light spring fragrance and Lemon Drizzle Cake, which genuinely has a cake-y smell to it! As a side note, I find that burning the sweeter fragrances, such as my beloved Vanilla Honey Spice can take the edge off any sweet cravings…

If you’d like to try any of these fragrances, keep an eye on Busy Bee’s Twitter feed. There are often excellent discount offers and I often use these to stock up!


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