A Handy Guide To Work Out Whether You’re A Feminist

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and I thought that, among all the Twitter fighting and internet discussion, I would add my own twopenneth-worth.


How do I know I am a feminist?

Aha! Well then, do you believe that EVERYONE, regardless of gender should have access to the same:

  • healthcare
  • education
  • human rights
  • job opportunities

regardless of their:

  • age?
  • race?
  • gender identity?
  • class?
  • sexuality?
  • religion?
  • nationality?

Hooray! You believe in equality. Of course, feminism is a bit more complex than I have presented it here, but it is 6am and I am very tired. However, I am also tired of all the fighting on Twitter and in newspaper columns about what feminism ‘is’. The thing is, if we fight each other, we’re not fighting for the things we should be.

6 thoughts on “A Handy Guide To Work Out Whether You’re A Feminist

  1. Luke (@Luke1972) says:

    Reminds me of this tweet:

    “Teenager on train: I’m not a feminist.
    Mum: Do you want to own things and decide who you sleep with?
    Teen: Yeah.
    Mum: You’re a feminist.”

  2. S says:

    Can one be a feminist without buying into hardcore Judith Butler-style social constructivism, then? ‘Cause that’s my problem. I’d like to be a feminist because I believe men and women should be equal, but I don’t believe that all categories are socially constructed and sometimes it seems that that is a requirement.

    • stephaniepomfrett says:

      I had to look up Judith Butler, as I’d never heard of her before.

      But yes, you can- I think there are so many threads and off-shoots of feminism but the main message remains the same: women deserve equality.

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