LYS Facial Skincare*

Just before Christmas, LYS (which stands for Love Your Skin) very kindly sent me their facial in a box to try. Although the kit is out of stock, you can still buy the products separately, so I thought a full review was in order!


When I first started using the products, I found that there was a little flare up in my skin. However, after talking to Lorraine (who developed LYS), she recommended persevering and making LYS my only skincare products. This would have the effect of allowing my skin to adjust to the new formulas. Brilliantly, she has a friend who suffered from similar skin issues to mine, so I trusted her judgement. After a little perseverance, my skin settled and I was able to introduce these products into my daily skincare routine.

Cleanse and Smooth Exfoliating Wash– £22.99 for 200ml

Image: LYS London

Image: LYS London

This, for me, is THE stand-out product from all the products I’ve tried and loved from LYS. At present, I find it works best for me at night, as I take my makeup off (although I don’t use it with my cleansing brush). It smells heavenly, really natural and doesn’t dry out my skin at all. I find it to be really rather gentle compared to other exfoliators I’ve used; this is more of a micro-exfoliator, as opposed to a ‘sandpaper and apricot stone scrape it all off’ concoction. I also think it removes my makeup really well. As I mentioned earlier, it did take a few days for my skin to adjust, but now I have absolutely no problem with it- apart from stopping Benn from using it! Also, I think you get quite a lot for the price, considering some other skincare brands I’ve seen at a similar price point.

Brightening and Clarifying Serum- £30.00 for 30ml

Image: LYS London

Image: LYS London

This is my morning serum; I like a heavier serum at night and I find that this works best under the LYS moisturiser and, ergo, under makeup. It’s chock full of brightening ingredients- perfect for my stressed, tired skin. After I had been wearing this a few weeks, people kept asking me if I was getting decent sleep! I put it all down to this lovely, light and refreshing serum.

Intensive Hydra Gel Moisturiser– £29.99 for 100ml

Image: LYS London

Image: LYS London

This is a lovely, refreshing moisturiser that I love to use in a morning. It has a fresh, clean scent and is perfect under makeup- I don’t get any of that weird balling up of product or stingy eyes from it. It glides on well and my skin feels lovely. It would be even better if a) it came with an SPF (I am a stupidly pale girl of Celtic origin, so am always swayed by a moisturiser with sunscreen in it) and b) the pump was a little more generous- I have to spend a lot of time getting just the right amount of product. However, these are minor gripes for what is a really great product!

Have you tried any LYS products?

*PR Sample


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