What happens when I write

Recently, I’ve been working on a few of my old short stories with a view of entering some competitions; although I don’t think I’ll win, the experience of editing, working and tweaking, as well as planning new stories has been a good one. I was going to write about inspiration, but it’s hard to do so without sounding like a third-rate Oscar Wilde.

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A load of Muses
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When I was little, I always wanted to be a writer; but a lack of confidence has made it hard for me to actually go out and try my hand at doing it properly. I’m entering the competitions as a way of getting my self-esteem back up- not necessarily because there’s a prize, but because I can then tell myself I can do the work, I do have the discipline. I live in a world where I have lots of characters percolating in my brain, waiting for me to find something to do with them.

One day, I would like to be a freelancer full time; now I take occasional freelance work that’s usually education based. I think I would most be suited to copy writing, as this suits my skill set (I have a degree in Journalism) and I can pretty much write about anything non-fictional.

I was thinking about how I approached my creative writing and my professional stuff and I don’t think there is a difference, really. I usually work to music and have tea on the go. Obviously I can’t do it when D is about because a) if we’re on our own, that’s a tad neglectful and b) even if his dad is around, I often find a board book (usually Kipper) being shoved in my direction with an imploring ‘ta!’ being said repeatedly at me. As much as I’d love to support myself and my family on the proceeds of my writing, it’s a distant dream, particularly until D is eligible for free nursery!

The lack of confidence is a massive hurdle for me. People tell me they like my stuff, but then there’s always a shred of doubt. So I think I will work through the short stories for now and then see how I go.

Any tips?

(PS- if you do want me to work on something for you, my details are here.)

2 thoughts on “What happens when I write

  1. listorian says:

    Steph, have you read Katherine Mansfield’s journal? It is a must for a stuggling short story writer – and also read her collected short stories – the woman is a genius at that particular genre. Good luck.

  2. Klina says:

    Have you read Stephen King’s On Writing? I think it’s an interesting book and something he wrote that might be useful for you is to put a finished piece away for a couple of weeks before re-reading/editing/showing it to someone.

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