Twinings Sweet Green Tea*

A few weeks ago, I was surprised by a lovely package from Twinings. Completely mystified by what it was (seriously, I shop so much online that I usually have no idea what stuff is when it arrives), I was greeted by a lovely box stuffed full of cake pops and some top secret tea bags- so new in fact, that there were no images of the boxes when they arrived!

Anyway, let me introduce you to the three new flavours that comprise Twinings’ Sweet Green Tea range that will be hitting the shelves very soon: Salted Caramel, Caramelised Apple and Gingerbread flavours. Each cup has 4 calories and they’re the perfect way to beat the 4pm slump, which is when everyone craves something sweet, right?

All images: Wikipedia

All images: Wikipedia

Of the three, Salted Caramel was my absolute favourite: its sweetness is tinged by a salty flavour that just makes it divine. My friends know that I have a serious weakness for sweet and salty things and I think that this tea perfectly captures it. What I think is lovely is that you get a richer flavour that usual in a green tea and a lovely flavour that doesn’t come with guilt!

I liked the Gingerbread flavour next; it was sweeter than the usual ginger green tea offerings. It’s the sort of comforting flavour that most people would enjoy after coming home drenched from cold winter rain.

Finally, Caramelised Apple. This one confuses me a bit; I LOVE apple and toffee and was looking forward to this one. However, I’m not sure what I thought of it (I was only sent one teabag of each, so only had one bite of the… apple. Ahem.) Looking at my notes (yes, I take notes when tasting new teas. I’m just thinking of you, dear reader), I noted down that it reminded me a bit of coffee; a sort of deep flavour that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Now, I’m allergic to coffee and didn’t have a bad reaction, so I think it’s just the depth of the toffee element that gives it that quality. I might buy some for work and give it another go…

I will definitely adding the Salted Caramel to my tea collection- do any of the other take your fancy?

Twinings Sweet Green Tea will be available in Waitrose and Tesco priced at £2.49 for twenty bags.

*PR sample


4 thoughts on “Twinings Sweet Green Tea*

  1. Napoleon Nalcot says:

    I have have just bought a pack of Twining Green Tea and Mint containing 25 tea bags. Lipton was my first tea brand but recently I decided to try on with other brands. Out of curiosity, I tried googling about the Twinnings tea to find for some reviews. I’m happy to have stumbled upon this blog and read not only about the Twinning tea post but as well the About Me and other pages and posts. Thank you for this post!

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