Magnitone Pulsar*

I was recently lucky enough to be selected for a trial on British Beauty Blogger and was delighted to receive a Magnitone Pulsar brush. I’d been eyeing facial brushes up for a while, but never thought I’d be brave enough to spend a lot of money that could potentially muck up my skin. Anyway, I’m pleased to say that I’m a convert and I would like to atone for my scepticism.



(I forgot to take pictures before using, but Sandra’s post has all the visual information you might want.)

The Magnitone Pulsar promises lots of things- you can find the list here. However, I wanted  to give you a general overview of my experience, rather than sticking to the list (again, Sandra’s blog does that in fine detail!)

I really like everything about the brush: long battery life, aesthetically pleasing and easy to hold. It’s become a staple of my skincare routine.

I experienced minor skin irritation when first using the brush. I mean, super minor. No break outs or anything. All I noticed was that my eczema was a bit grumpy. I was using- and continue to do so- the sensitive brush heads. I usually remove my makeup first with an oil-based cleanser and flannel and then I let the brush do the work.

I really like the different modes of cleansing- ‘sensitive’ is brilliant for my morning cleanse and if I haven’t worn makeup; the ‘PulseLift massage’ setting is brilliant if my skin is feeling a bit dull and lifeless- it really brings the skin back to life!; ‘Exfoliate’ is brilliant a couple of times a week and really makes my skin feel clear; finally, I use the ‘Deep Cleanse’ before using a face mask. I find that my skin just benefits from that extra bit of sloughing!

Overall, the texture of my skin is softer, smoother and just… nicer. I really feel like I’m reaping the benefits of using it regularly. Even the eczema-y patches have calmed down. I tend to use the brush with Therapi’s Honey and Orange Blossom Cleanser and am really pleased with the results. I’m actually telling my friends that it’s worth buying, I love it SO MUCH.

Magnitone Pulsar is available at Boots– it’s currently on offer at £86.85!

*PR sample


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