Jubilee Library’s Blind Date A Book!

I often pop into the local library- it’s been a lifeline to me in the last eighteen months and as my aunt works there (and I did, for a short time), I know a lot of the staff. It’s one of my ‘safe places’ when I’m in the grips of my depression and also, D LOVES tearing round the children’s library.

Anyway, today I went in to return a couple of books and came out with FIVE new ones, despite promising myself I would read a couple of books on my ‘to-be-read’ pile. Mostly, they’re collections of short stories, as I’m planning on entering a couple of short story competitions. In the run up to Valentines Day, the library has a display called ‘Blind Date A Book’. I love surprises and I love presents, so of course I was intrigued.

Image: Brighton and Hove Libraries Twitter feed

Image: Brighton and Hove Libraries Twitter feed

I had a peruse and found this book- and picked it up to go with my other short story collections:

1653600_10151894695272267_1589979346_nWhen I got home, I opened it to find a collection of short stories by the author of The Reader (which I loved). But it was totally something I wouldn’t have picked up naturally, which means that this is a brilliant idea! I’d love it if there was a ‘lucky dip’ all year round…

Will you be checking this out?


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