Review: Secuvie Reczema*

Sweden is cool, isn’t it? I mean- IKEA, The Bridge and, er, ABBA. But now I have something else to love Sweden for- Reczema*, a 100% natural treatment for eczema and irritated skin. As regular readers know, eczema around my eyes has plagued me since pregnancy and D suffers from dry, sore skin on his face in cold weather, so I was happy to give Reczema a go.



So, what does Reczema promise to do? According to the press release:

1.    Delivering calming and moisturising relief to dry and irritated skin

2.    Encouraging intense cellular repair – thanks to a clever plant acid called CHD-FA™ or ‘fulvic acid’, which helps cells to absorb the vital nutrients they need to heal

3.    Forming a barrier layer to protect the skin against external irritants

It’s also free of nasties like perfume, preservatives and the steroids so often found in eczema treatments.

So- my thoughts!

I would say that Reczema lives up to its promises; my skin felt smoothed and calmer almost instantly after applying it around my eyes (which is a sensitive area to have to treat with steroids, so anything that’s natural is brilliant…) It’s gentle and it smoothed the scaliness I often get. Also, it doesn’t sting, which is a bonus and I’ve been able to apply makeup over it, as it’s absorbed really quickly. I have been utterly impressed with how well this cream has helped me feel confident, happy and not sore. I would/will use this on D’s face in a heartbeat if he gets sore cheeks from cold weather- it’s not been quite cold enough for me to use it in this way, though! I do suffer from painfully dry skin between my fingers and I’ve just started to use it for that. Again, I’m seeing excellent results.

Are there any downsides? Possibly, although the cream is so good that I’m happy to put your minds at rest: the first thing that may put you off is the price. It’s £26.99 for 50ml. However, the pump means that you only need a tiny amount and a little goes a very long way. Also, I think if you’ve spent years with steroid creams and other short-term solutions, you may just be willing to try something. I reckon this could be it.

Secondly: the smell. The fulvic acid has a distinctly woody smell which took a bit of getting used to. It’s a natural fragrance, though, and it doesn’t irritate my eyes. It’s the first cream that hasn’t, so it’s not an issue for me. I also found that I got used to- and quite liked- the smell pretty quickly. Overall, though, I am convinced that the benefits far outweigh the potential problems. It really is brilliant stuff.

Reczema is available at independent chemists

*PR sample


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