Review: Gourmet Gadgetry electric popcorn maker

Recently, I decided to buy myself a Christmas present with some of the money I received. I knew instantly what I would buy myself: a popcorn machine. Why? Well, I’d been spending a small fortune on bags of sweet and salty popcorn and I figured it would be a lot cheaper (and less faff than doing it in a pan) if I bought myself a dedicated gadget. So after lots of research, I pootled along to my local Lakeland and bought myself this beauty:

Image: Lakeland

Image: Lakeland

I also bought some popcorn topping powder (advice: don’t buy it. It’s expensive and a bit rubbish.)

Anyway, the popcorn maker is really easy to use: you plug it in, put the corn in the barrel at the top (you can use the butter warmer as a scoop, but be prepared for popcornado if you do…), switch it on and hey presto: popcorn! As it’s air popped, it’s also super healthy too.

The first time I used it, I filled the scoop and ended up with a bit of a disaster:


As demonstrated, you need quite a big bowl- the popcorn shoots out quite quickly…! I’ve got much better at measuring the amount of corn needed for a (reasonable) bowlful, which is about a handful. I also use the butter melter to warm a little olive oil as the corn is cooking. I find that adding a small amount of oil helps the toppings to stick a bit better.

My current favourite toppings are sweet and salty, which I find more subtle than the shop bought versions and cinnamon and brown sugar, sometimes with an added bit of ginger. I find a little sugar goes a long way!

Anyway, would I recommend this? Yes! It’s perfect if you’re on a new year’s crisp-giving-up kick and I’m chuffed to bits with it!

Gourmet Gadgetry popcorn maker is £24.99 from Lakeland.


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