Guest Post: Kel’s favourite nail polishes

One of my favourite bloggers, Kel, has recently had a bit of a relaunch. Please do check out her new blog after you’ve read today’s post!

Even though Steph blogs about a huge variety of interesting topics, when I think of her and her blog, I mainly think of nail polish and tea. And much as I like tea it’s not a subject I’m particularly knowledgeable on, so I figured nail polish would make a more appropriate subject for a guest post here.

Of course, it’s still a pretty broad topic and narrowing it down must have been playing on my mind because I was dreaming about it recently. And in the dream it was decided, for some very good dreamy reason, that I should write about my favourite green nail polishes. And though I’m not really one to base my life on dreams, this seemed like a good an idea as any!

 unnamed (3)

At the time, I didn’t really realise how many green polishes I had. I thought it might be a stretch to get enough to make a post, not that I’d have to shift through dismissing ones that weren’t as nice as others, or that weren’t green enough. And I know I have a gorgeous green somewhere that isn’t here because I just can’t find it. But here are my ‘favourite green nail polishes (from the ones that were where they should be)’:

Barry M – Watermelon

barry m gelly watermelon

This is one of Barry M’s Hi-Shine Gelly polishes, which leave you with a super-shiny finish without the use of a top coat (which is great by me as I’m always forgetting to use a topcoat!). I love the deep dark colour and the juicy finish!

 Models Own – Apple Pie


This pretty pastel shade is the most ‘summery’ of my greens. I’ve never got noticed any fragrance from the alleged ‘scratch n sniff’ formula but it’s still a lovely colour even if it doesn’t smell of apple pie!

A England – St George

unnamed (1)

This one had to be included because, as I remember it, Steph ‘made’ me buy this one! Not only one of my favourite green polishes, but one of my favourites ever, it’s such a stunning shade – mystical and magical with real hidden depths – not to mention a doddle to apply and perfect in just one coat!

Models Own – Velvet Goth Absinthe

unnamed (2)

I wanted to get one of these for my sister-in-law for Christmas, and of course I had to test one out for myself to make sure it was ok first! She was getting the purple one so I went for green and was pleasantly surprised. It’s full of glitter yet ends up with a matt finish, and I can’t really put my finger on how that works or why I like it, but I do. for something so full of glitter it leaves a relatively smooth-to-the-touch finish and you don’t need to layer it up loads to make it opaque. And something about the glitter hidden in that thick green makes me think of Christmas Trees, and thinking of Christmas Trees makes me smile.

And there you have some green things – big thanks to Steph for providing space for my ramblings!


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