Guest Post: The Fantastic Four- Hand Creams

Hello all!  I’m Danniella and I’m from Famous in Japan.  Steph has very kindly let me run loose on her blog today (she may regret this later…) in the form of a guest post!  I thought I would talk about my favourite hand creams today, as let’s face it, who just has the one?


Fantastic Four - Hand Creams

The Bee Saver

Quite possibly one of my favourite hand creams of all times – it’s the Neal’s Yard Remedies Bee Lovely hand cream.  Enriched with more skin loving ingredients than you can shake a bee hive at (please don’t…), this hand cream saves your hands as well as the bees.  The mixture of the orange essential oils, and of course the honey, provides a gorgeous, uplifting scent.

The 2 in 1-er

Whilst it’s usually Hand Food that springs to mind when you utter the words “Soap and Glory hand cream”, I think more people should be aware of the Endless Glove 2 in 1 Hand Cream and Mask.  Thin enough to act as an everyday hand cream, but layered on and coupled with cotton gloves it also acts as an effective overnight mask.  I will however say that it would be wise to warn your other half of your hand mask plans; it will look like you are midway through re-enacting the dance scene in Thriller come bedtime.

 The People Pleaser

All L’Occitane hand creams, where would I be without you?  I have gifted a set of you to my mum (who loved them so much she kept one in her pocket, one in her handbag and one at home!), and I also gifted a set of you to my boss for Secret Santa (which is probably how I still have a job…).  They are so rich and thick and they leave your hands feeling so good.  I would recommend any of the varieties available as I find there is no difference in their performance – they’re all amazing!

The Soother

Last year, I began to suffer an awful case of irritation and peeling on my hand.  It started between the fingers and slowly spread to my palm.  It was not a pretty sight!  The Clinique Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticle Cream was the only product I used that soothed the irritation and made a difference to the appearance of my hand.   With regular use, my hand began to look human again.  A definite recommend for those who suffer with the same.

I hope you enjoyed this post!  Do feel free to share your favourite hand creams in the comments as I’m always after an excuse to try new ones (I will of course be stalking the comments like a hawk).  A big thank you to Steph for letting me guest post and I hope she is enjoying her little blog-holiday.


Danniella x x x


2 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Fantastic Four- Hand Creams

  1. Kel Loves (@kellovestea) says:

    I got Endless Glove for Christmas but haven’t opened it yet – trying to finish one of the many I currently have on the go first! Bee Lovely is a delight, and the L’Occitane ones are pretty amazing but I do have a bit of a soft spot for the Crabtree and Evelyn handcreams too!

  2. Daniela says:

    Can’t get enough of S&G skin and body care – it all smells divine, works perfectly and doesn’t break the bank. This is a good excuse for me to try eeeeeverything from the range 🙂

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