Where do I go from here?


I’m still officially on my blog holiday (and thanks to my ace guest bloggers!), but I’ve been having a think about the blog and the direction I’d like it to go in 2014. This year, I’m 30 and as I change, I feel that the blog should a bit too. The problem is this: I don’t know what my USP is. I’d like you to help me by telling me what you’d like to see more of, less of and everything in between.

With this in mind, I’ve set up a survey that I would really appreciate some of you filling out. You can be as honest as you like (believe me, I’ve lived through OFSTED, so I’m OK with criticism as long as it’s constructive!) and I will use this to help me improve the blog over the next year.

Click here to take survey

One thing that I will try and do better this year is to respond to comments; I got a bit lax at this last year, so it’s a definite resolution!


2 thoughts on “Where do I go from here?

  1. Hannah Ackroyd says:

    I love the idea of creating a survey! I might do something similar for my blog (if you don’t mind!) One of my aims this year is to improve my blog and what a great way of getting feedback! I shall have a scour around your blog tomorrow and give you my feedback 🙂 Enjoy your blogging break!

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