New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

I don’t think I managed to keep any of last year’s resolutions. I think we can agree that I am resolutely rubbish at setting goals and sticking with them.



I have got better at using up my makeup and skincare products, so that’s something I guess. Also, I’ve been a VERY regular visitor to the dentist (which is depressing, but I’ve got my psyche into perspective about that now.)

My resolutions for next year are a bit simpler. I’m not going to make any grandiose claims about weight (I’m OK where I’m at) or exercise (I bloody hate it, so why push for something more? I walk about twelve miles a week at the moment.) I’m going to take some of the lessons I learnt this year and turn them into something positive.

  • Knit my yarn stash- I have so much wool and yarn that has never been made into anything. It’s gorgeous stuff, too. So I am going to be making clothes, presents and other stuff this year. I’m not going to buy any new wool until I’ve used some of the stuff I already have.
  • Use the library more- during my book buying ban, I became really good at using the library. I will continue to do this.
  • Take skincare seriously- I turn 30 in March and I would like to keep my skin looking good.
  • Save up for Christmas- it’s been stupidly expensive this year, so I’m going to save up. At the moment, it seems that I’m planning on saving all the £2 coins I get. A small amount that can add up really quickly.
  • Try and be positive- we have an exciting year ahead (moving, mainly) and I can try to look at the positives. I can try…

What are your resolutions?


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