Therapi No.1 Honey Gel Cleanser with Orange Blossom

I love honey (when I was little, I would ask my mum to make me ‘Winnie the Pooh toast’, i.e. toast and honey) and I’ve always had a fondness for bees. I have a friend who keeps them, but I’m not sure I could. Anyway, I use honey every opportunity I get and was pleased when a bottle of Therapi’s No.1 Honey Gel Cleanser (£25, 100ml) was sent my way.

20131201_114948As is well documented on my blog, I have been in a constant battle with my skin ever since D was born last year and I’m looking for something that will keep my skin looking nice and feeling good; this often means eschewing chemicals and Therapi’s products have a high percentage of organic ingredients- in this case, it’s 90%. This cleanser is worth the money, in my opinion. It is divine and meets both of my requirements.

I’ve been using it first thing in the morning and the orange blossom is a perfect pick-me-up scent for these dark December mornings. I also find I don’t need to to use much to get a really good cleanse and my skin looks brighter than it has done for ages. After using the cleanser for over a month, I’ve found it to be gentle and it doesn’t dry out my skin.

Another thing I like about this (and you might think it’s weird, but roll with me on this one) is that the bottle is glass- and a good weight. I do think little touches like this make products feel very luxurious and special and marks a brand out as something worth investing in. I think I will be saving up to replace this- it’s worth every penny.

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