Country Baskets’ Festive Face Off- my entry!

A couple of weeks ago, I tweeted quite a mysterious photo of lots of Christmassy, crafty bits that looked like this:

20131118_143301I was approached by Country Baskets, a company specialising in craft supplies, to take part in their Festive Face-Off competition. Thirty bloggers have been approached to make a Christmas decoration; the winner will receive £250 to spend on Country Baskets and also a donation will be made to their charity of choice.

It was a bit overwhelming to think about what I would make, but I was inspired by the stories of The Snow Queen and also the White Queen in the Narnia books. I decided I wanted a frosty, wintery theme, instead of my usual approach to Christmas (which is GLITTER! OMG GLITTER!) I’ve also always wanted to make a wreath, but never got round to it. So, I hit Pinterest, looking at images of the Snow/White Queen and also at wreaths, getting inspiration. I selected a few of my favourite bits from the hamper I was sent and away I went!

The end result was this:



To make:

  • I used some wired woollen cord  to make the base: I unrolled the whole thing and twisted it a few times to make a ring. I then added some florist’s wire to the back to strengthen it (no one likes a droopy wreath…)
  • Next, I covered the whole thing with a bit of lace, wrapping it round at fairly regular intervals.
  • I then wrapped around a string of beads I found really fetching; I love the black and white together- to me they represented the light and dark of the stories.
  • Then, I glued some velvety leaves around, making sure that there was space for everything else I planned to pile on!
  • I next glued some leaves made of bark, which had some glitter on. I think these are possibly my favourite piece on the wreath.
  •  I added some silver apples around the wreath and added the snowflake decoration and a white hanging ribbon to finish it all off.



I really love this and, even if I don’t win (there are some seriously amazing entries), I’m grateful that I was given the chance to do something completely different and experiment!




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