A Lush Lock-In…

Recently, I was invited to a ‘Lock-In’ at Lush in order to have a look at some of their new bits and pieces. It’s been a while since I went to Lush (here’s why), but I thought I would go and see what was new.

20131129_184719A group of bloggers had been invited to have a mooch round the store and also to experience the new products. The evening was fairly structured (always a good thing when there’s a bunch of people, Buck’s Fizz and cake in attendance) and meant that we were given talks and demos of products.


Emily talking us through Lush’s lip products

We were introduced to Lush’s newish line of perfumes, which smell different on different people, thanks to skin chemistry. The one I liked the best- and suited me best- was Sikkim Girls: a wonderful jasmine-based perfume. Lovely.



We also were given the opportunity to make our own The Comforter bath bar, which was very similar to making bread. If bread was white and hot pink and scented with berries. It was lots of fun and has inspired me to make some bath bombs from a kit I’ve had for a while.

Mags, the manager, demonstrating the bubbliness of a bath bar

Mags, the manager, demonstrating the bubbliness of a bath bar

Finally, we gave others a hand and arm massage, during which I may or may not have accidentally creeped out Skye with encouragement from Lauren (luckily, I know both quite well… I’m not a TOTAL weirdo.)


What I really appreciated was that after the event, I had a chat with Mags the manager about my reservations about Lush in the past. We had a really good conversation about it and she restored my faith in Lush as a brand.

All in all, a good night out!



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