Books 2013: November

November means that my book buying ban is almost over! Hurrah! I haven’t bought any more since that mini-Morrissey slip up at the end of last month… I’m mentally planning all the books I will buy post-Christmas (leave me any suggestions in the comments!)

All images: Waterstones, unless stated.

Morrissey- Autobiography (my own book)

Morrissey - Autobiography (Nov)

I was unsure what I’d think of this; I love Morrissey’s music but sometimes wish he wouldn’t say stupid things to the media. Anyway, as expected, it’s full of beautiful prose, moaning and obscure pop culture references. I did enjoy it, although felt it was a bit hit and miss. That didn’t stop me reading 400+ pages in less than a week.

Toby Venebles: Hunter of Shadows: Knight of Sherwood (my own copy, sent for review)

Hunter of Sherwood: Knight of Shadows - Hunter of Sherwood (Nov)

I was sent this as part of Historical Honeys Secret Book Club and I’ll admit at first, I found it a slog. It’s a bit blokey for my tastes, but once I got over this, I enjoyed it. It casts Guy of Gisburne, traditionally the villain in the Robin Hood stories, as a hero who seeks vengeance against ‘Hood’, who isn’t as great as the legends make out. An interesting read and I would recommend it to anyone who knows a teenage boy who likes blood, adventure and intrigue…

Paula Marantz Cohen- What Alice Knew (my own copy)

What Alice Knew (Nov)


I was sent this interesting novel by a friend in America; it tells the (fictional) story of how the writer Henry James and his gifted siblings, Alice (a bedridden invalid) and William (a brilliant scientist) team up to solve the Jack the Ripper murders. It is, quite frankly, a bit bonkers but thoroughly enjoyable. What I’ve enjoyed is seeing famous Victorians pop up all over the place.

Alissa Nutting- Tampa (library book)


This is an uncomfortable read; it tells the story of Celeste Price, a young, pretty middle school teacher who is obsessed with fourteen-year-old boys. It’s a cross between Notes on a Scandal and (what I imagine it to be like) Fifty Shades of Grey and is touted as the tale of a female Humbert Humbert. As a teacher myself, I found this really, really squirmy read. It’s hard to like anyone in the novel and the teacher herself is a pure psychopath; I’ve heard the author’s style compared to Bret Easton Ellis in American Psycho. Anyway, it’s not a novel I’ll be putting on the re-read pile!


One thought on “Books 2013: November

  1. Beth @plasticrosaries says:

    Oooh I read Tampa too this month. It had me divided. Half of me wanted to read it to defy all the critics who’ve said it wouldn’t have been published if it was a man but equally I wanted to see how Nutting handled the issue – I’m not sure she does it that well…

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