52 Weeks/52 Polishes: #27 Revlon Brilliant Strength in Persuade

It’s been a long, hard search but I’ve finally found my holy grail (well, one of them): the perfect burgundy. I’ve had some disappointments along the way, but now my search is over. I give you Persuade:

Image: soap.com

Image: soap.com

Now, I’ve not been able to find many reviews of this polish and it’s not an easy to photo polish, but I assure you- if you want a deep, wine red, this is the one. A word of warning though: The formulation is quite thick, so it was a bit messy, but easy to clear up. I found that two coats were sufficient for an opaque colour.

In terms of lasting, I went four days without a chip and then the chipping was fairly minimal. What I did notice was that my nails felt stronger after application (something I read on other blogs as I was researching for this review.) All in all, a good polish and a great colour!

Day of application: Monday

Day of first chip: Thursday

Day of removal: Sunday


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