Things that cheered me up in the last week:

The whole Doctor Who madness, but two things especially:

– the rabbit, which has now convinced me that, instead of a dog, we should get an English lop rabbit (they are HUGE.) Benn has been trying to convince me that a second rabbit, rather than a dog, is the way to go. I think once he sees the size of these bunnies, he will regret this:

File:English Lop Rabbit.jpg

Image: Wikipedia

-and the five second glimpse of THESE eyebrows:

Image: Digital Spy

Image: Digital Spy

I found this picture on Buzzfeed:


Finally getting most of my Christmas shopping done (I hate shopping in December..)

Image: BuzzSugar

Image: BuzzSugar

Putting an offer in on a house- that was accepted!

What cheered you up recently?




3 thoughts on “Things that cheered me up in the last week:

  1. Peri says:

    Go for a rabbit – dogs and toddlers not always a good or easy mix. Dogs need a lot of time and attention everyday, hard to juggle with kid, home, job and life.

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