Gift Ideas: The Letter Writer

I’m a letter writer. I write to people all over the world and it’s not unusual for me to send five or six letters and packages a week to far flung places across the globe. I’m also a stationery fiend, so when I was thinking of wishlists to do in the next month or so, this was a natural as far as I was concerned!

Anyway, here are a few recommendations for gifts if you have a letter writer in your life…


PuchiMo stationery on Etsy is my go-to store when I want cute, good quality stationery. I often take advantage of the buy multiple sets for a combined price. Despite being sent from the US, I’ve always found service to be prompt and efficient.


Muji gel pens are my ultimate favourite pens. I LOVE them and really hate writing in anything else. They run out pretty quickly, but you can buy refills. So my writing is smooth AND I’m being environmentally aware.


I love these botanical stamps from Paperchase. They’d add a cool twist to boring envelopes!


I can’t think of any letter writer who wouldn’t want a copy of Letters of Note from Santa this year. Based on the blog of the same name, it’s a compendium of letters sent through the ages by some of the most famous people in history.

Anything I’ve missed?

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