52 Weeks/52 Polishes: #26 Essie Nail Wraps in So Haute!



Blimey, can you believe it’s six months since I started these shenanigans? It doesn’t feel like it! Anyway, for the halfway point, I decided to use some nail wraps. I’ve used these before and generally been happy with them, but I’d never used Essie’s version.

Now, these were super easy to apply; in fact, they were the easiest nail wraps I’ve ever applied. But oh, how I loathed the feel of them. They look amazing, but they’re 3D and this drove me to distraction! I found that they would catch or rub on things and make my teeth stand on edge. After 24 hours, one started to peel (I acknowledge that this is probably down to my shoddy workmanship), but this was enough for me to go into a frenzy of unpeeling. I’m also not a fan of the state of my nails after said unpeeling… hmmm.

Anyway- pretty, but a thumbs down from me. I am tempted to try more one-dimensional designs from the range though!


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