Whittard Gingerbread and Orange Rooibos

Recently, I was pootling around the internet, looking for teas to send to my friends in Europe. Both had said they liked Whittard, so I headed to their website (yes, I do still buy my own teas, I don’t just get freebies!) As I’ve been converted to rooibos this year, I was very interested in Whittard’s Gingerbread and Orange rooibos. It sounded festive and could be a tea I could have before bed.

Image: Whittard

Image: Whittard

I have tried other gingerbread based rooibos blends (in fact, I’ll be reviewing one in a couple of weeks), but this one is slightly different, due to the addition of the orange. Thankfully, it’s not an artificial flavour, which is a bonus. There’s also the addition of nuts- pistachio and almond, along with spices such as red peppercorns and coriander. It’s halfway between a fruity rooibos and a chai. It is gorgeous, very festive. And, although the recommendation is to drink it without milk, I love it with milk as a bedtime drink while I’m reading a good book. It’s made a very interesting companion to Morrissey recently…



3 thoughts on “Whittard Gingerbread and Orange Rooibos

  1. christy says:

    This has to be the best tea of my life. Unfortunately they stopped making it and I asked for something similar but the representative there wasn’t too helpful :/

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