52 Weeks/52 Polishes: #24 Collection Gothic Glam in Damage

This is an interesting polish… I picked it up (in a bit of a rush, I admit), thinking it was sort of pink…


I swear it looked pinker in Boots…

Anyway, clearly it’s not. It’s sort of a chocolate brown with pink shimmer in it. Whatever, it’s a lovely colour.


Left- one coat, right- two coats
(I forgot to take pictures in time this week.)

This was a very easy-to-apply polish, there was no grittiness from the glitter specks, which is nice. I found it didn’t streak and built up to a lovely deep colour after two coats. There was very minor chipping and the only reason I removed it was because the colour started to dull a bit. All in all, not bad for a cheap (£2.99) polish! It survived washing up, baby bathing and hair washing admirably. A great polish for work if you want shimmer without looking like a glitter princess.

Day of application: Tuesday

Day of first chip: Very minor chipping by Friday

Day of removal: Sunday



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