Twining’s Christmas Teas (and a lovely giveaway!)

Now Bonfire Night is over, I feel that I can finally legitimately tell you about three festive teas that I’ve been dying to share with you for a few weeks! I give you Twinings’ Christmas Teas collection!

Image: Twinings

Image: Twinings

Firstly, how gorgeous are these caddies? They look SO pretty on my very overcrowded worktop (heh, you wondered why I didn’t take my own photo, right?!) I also really like that the labels peel off, so once you’ve finished your tea you can refill the caddies with a tea of your choice.

The collection comprises of three varieties- two with a black tea base and one rooibos base.

Christmas Thanks- This is  blend of black teas that’s complemented by a fruity Christmas cake flavouring. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, and will definitely be offered to guests as they step in from a frosty walk! I would say that this is perfect for people who prefer the fruitier side of Christmas (oo-er!)

Christmas Wishes- This is the rooibos based tea- it’s a blend of rooibos, chamomile and pear. I wasn’t sure if I would like this when I first read the description, as I’m not usually a chamomile fan, but it is lovely. I found it to be really refreshing and calming. The fruitiness of the pear balances out the chamomile and I can really imagine drinking this on Christmas Eve while listening to Carols at King’s on the radio, no light but from the Christmas tree.

Christmas Cheer- This is my favourite and, in my opinion, the most Christmassy! Whereas Christmas Thanks is fruity, this tea is its spicier sister. I like it with a pinch of brown sugar, it tastes like a lovely rich mince pie… the real winner is the blend of the usual Christmas spices with a malty Assam base. Just. Gorgeous.

Do you fancy winning a set of Twinings’ Christmas teas and a lovely mug from the PiP Studio Collection (my PiP Studio mug is my ultimate favourite mug!)? Simply leave me a way of contacting you if you win- and for an extra entry, follow me on Twitter (and tell me your Twitter handle in your comment!) The competition closes on November 20th at 6pm and is open to UK residents only. 

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31 thoughts on “Twining’s Christmas Teas (and a lovely giveaway!)

  1. Lynne says:

    How lovely do they look! Would love to taste them – especially the Christmas Cheer. Always open to a bit of spice in my life!

  2. goodscoffs says:

    I don’t know why I just retweeted this competition cos I really want to win! I follow you on twitter as @alicestronaut. Please to give me special tea with fancy peel off labels, that’s such a good idea! Xxx

  3. Helen says:

    Wow, they sound good enough to eat never mind drink! I love to indulge at Christmas and how better to do it with these great teas. A cup of Christmas Cheer with a mince pie at the end of a busy day, double the pleasure.

    @MassiveLegendd (twitter)

  4. Victoria N says:

    Love the sound of Christmas Cheer. Gorgeous tins too.
    @pink_lady123 – followed on twitter

  5. Claire says:

    Ooh! I love those caddies. Not that I have room for them on my worktop either but they would look lovely and I’m a sucker for Christmas flavours! I follow you, I’m @badschnoodles 😉

  6. Jacquie Myers says:

    I’d love to enter your comp to win the lovely sounding teas. I’m slightly addicted to pretty tins & caddies too 🙂

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